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See What All the Fuss Is About: Read Our Testimonials

Hollywood Hairstylists takes pride in maintaining positive business relationships with its valued clients. Many of our clients have been coming to Hollywood Hairstylists for decades.

In order to convince you to give us a try, we feel it is more persuasive for our customers to speak in their own words rather than us telling you how great we are.

Below is a selection of testimonials from satisfied customers.

A Fabulous Job with My Hairpiece

Right from the first, John, you made the hairpiece I bought somewhere else, something to be proud to wear.

I’ll never forget that Saturday in January when I went out to look at hairpieces, with no intention to buy. A friend of mine recommended a place close to where I live because her aunt had gone there, and when I called them for directions, the woman actually made an appointment for me. I just wanted to look at them, talk about it, and think about it, but she was so very forceful. She went on to explain how ‘bad’ my hair loss was and that I should have had a hairpiece long before now. She really upset me, and I was already in an emotional state because I realized my hair loss had recently gotten worse. She said, “don't take time to think about it, just do it and never look back.” Well, she was right about not turning back, but she had me so wound up before I knew it I just said okay. No need to tell you anymore, it’s over.

Fortunately, I reconnected with you. I remembered that you sold wigs so I called your salon, and the girls were all very helpful and friendly and even though you weren’t coming in until later in the week, you called back so quickly. I’m just so appreciative of the treatment I received from the whole staff and you. It has made a big change in my life, that’s for sure. You did a fabulous job cutting and styling that first piece I bought at that other salon. Thank you very much. Your skill with the scissors and hairpieces made it look so natural that I will be eternally grateful.

So, I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I think you are a very special man. Thank you so much for my ‘red’ piece and all the styling it took for both pieces to become a part of me.


Well-Qualified Professionals

For over 30 years I have been going to “Hollywood Hairstylists.” The staff members are pleasant, well-qualified professionals. We call each other by name, and I consider them my friends. Across the City of Hamilton, “Hollywood Hairstylists” enjoys an excellent reputation. There are good reasons that each stylist has long term clients.

R. W.

former Mayor, City of Hamilton

Highly Recommended

I have been going to Hollywood Hairstylists for close to 30 years. They take care of me every time. It is important to me that I get in at the appointed time and receive good service while I am there. I have rarely been disappointed.

The staff members are very friendly and come to know you by name. They know what cut you need and how you like it. Professionals all the way. There is nothing more to say.

Without reservation, I could recommend Hollywood Hairstylists to anyone.

Michael W. P.

Ancaster, Ontario

Like Members of My Extended Family

My 3 boys and I have been going to Hollywood Hairstylists for going on 30 years. Hollywood Hairstylists is a family place. There’s a comfort level for me and my family. John and the staff are like members of my extended family. They all know me, the boys, my wife, and ask about how everyone is whenever I come in.

Hollywood Hairstylists is more than just getting a haircut. There is a strong social element, and they make it fun. My kids have liked going there since they were very young - they looked forwarded to it. I feel very comfortable there.

Joe T.

Mississauga, Ontario

John Pilato and His Staff Are the Best!

It’s about more than hairstyling skill and being up-to-date. It’s about the rare, but important facts of the Hollywood Hairstylists’ life. It’s about atmosphere - the friendly personal touch of John and his staff. And it’s about professionalism, expertise being contemporary.

About a year ago, I was a bit scruffy, but suddenly summoned for a big, out of town meeting. I didn’t have time to make a Hollywood appointment and resorted to an “in & out” buzz shop in a plaza. I survived, barely and very uncomfortably. It taught me a big lesson. Now, more than ever, I know and value the big, big difference between schlock and the pros.

Hollywood Hairstylists is simply in a league of its own!

I have moved four times since I first sat in John Pilato’s chair. Now I drive about 27 kms for that special Hollywood Hairstylists’ touch! It’s worth it and then some.

Hollywood, John Pilato, and his fabulous staff are the best!

John H.

Formerly CHML

*** Few realize that in his secret other life, John Pilato is an award-winning (much too modest) and superb wine-maker!

Friendly Staff & Atmosphere

I’ve been going to see John and his staff every three weeks for over 28 years. I have come to view John more as a friend because he has been so courteous, polite, taking care of you, talking to you, communicating. You can see that in his staff as they too are friendly, and they get along. This is a credit to how John treats his people, and they, in turn, take care of their customers.

I would highly recommend him as he is probably the best stylist I have ever been to. He styles, cuts, and does my colour touchup. I have come to view him as a friend, and I respect him and his skill. I drive some way to make sure my hair gets taken care of properly. What can you say – he’s just a heck of a guy. I really can’t say enough good things.

Alan B.


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