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Hollywood Hairstylists Most Frequently Asked Questions

At Hollywood Hairstylists, we receive many questions about hair care techniques because beautiful, healthy hair influences your overall look and state of mind. Hair is a central feature of your overall appearance.

Hair care is a complex body of knowledge and is often filled with opinion, misinformation, and misconceptions. Furthermore, we don't claim to know all the answers. However, there are certain issues about hair care and our operations that come up surprisingly often in conversation, and so we thought we might be able address a few of these frequently asked questions here. We hope to contribute to your knowledge of hair care and clear up any confusion.

My hair is getting grey. What are my options?

Going grey is a normal and natural part of the aging process. It will arrive, for most of us, sooner rather than later. There is likely no escape from this basic human process. However, it is possible to slow the process down with colouring for both men and women.

Hollywood Hairstylists looks at the colour of your skin tone, your original colour, and consults with you on what we think will best suit you. It makes little sense to turn your hair "beach blond" if your skin is olive toned and you are well into retirement. However, if that is your wish, it can be done. Our preference would be to see what would fit with you, your lifestyle, and your look. Our aim is to make it look as natural as possible.

I have just gone through some medical procedures that have caused me to lose most of my hair. What can be done?

It is not unusual to experience hair loss when going through medical treatment procedures. Many people are self-conscious about the effect on their appearance and want to know what is available to them beyond waiting for it to grow back.

One option that seems to satisfy many clients is a wig or hairpiece – in other words, there are solutions for both men and women. Hollywood Hairstylists works discretely with clients in finding just the right hairpiece to get them through this difficult period in their life.

We have inventory from a number of high quality wig and hairpiece suppliers that can help achieve your usual look. Alternatively, you may think it is time for a change. That can be done too. Our task is to work with you to find what you are comfortable with. See one of our hair care specialists to help you.

I am getting married in a little while. Does Hollywood Hairstylists do wedding parties?

Your wedding day has to be just right. Everyone wants to look their best, and Hollywood Hairstylists can help. Give us a little bit of notice and we can make sure that one or several of our professionals is available on the day of or before your wedding. We can provide both men's and women's hairstyling. Call now to schedule your wedding party appointment.

Hair replacement products seem to be everywhere today. What do you recommend?

This is a difficult question and one that is beyond our capability. Hair transplants and other exotic treatments should be considered carefully for their claimed and actual results, cost, treatment duration, and possible side effects. Consultation with a qualified medical practitioner is probably a wise choice. You can consult Hollywood Hairstylists on styles, colours, hairpieces for men, wigs for women, medical wigs for both genders, and the like. Leading edge treatments are performed by other professionals.

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